My name is Teri Thompson-Katzenberger; I am the proud Founder & Owner of The Master's Club Fitness & Lifestyle Wellness.
Since 2000, I have had the privilege & honor to help assist men & women of all ages, to successfully achieve a healthy lifestyle transformation.  

My Moto:
"Success comes from the style in which you use, to achieve a healthy life".
 "We certainly age each year, however, we do NOT have to be growing old in the process!"

Having "self image" issues & a chronic, health altering eating disorder for more than 20 years, as well as other chronic life altering addictions and life challenges, I can certainly relate to all individuals. On my own personal Health & Wellness Journey since1991,
I teach and train people on everything I do/have done, to live a healthy, clean, full active life! More people today, then ever before, want to feel good ~ look good and most importantly, live a healthy life. They do not want to be held hostage by their scale nor in bondage to health issues & ailments. 

I have the ability to help all people of every shape, size, age, etc. to look and feel great about themselves. Re-shaping your shape and developing a "new you" is what I am all about.

Having graduated from Anthony Robbins Mastery University, I have been fully trained as a Life Coach. People are my passion. I have been blessed with the heart, the passion and the ability to help people of all walks of life, to live healthy, well, fit, strong whole lives from the inside out!

I have the know how to teach you everything you need to know about healthy eating, nutrition, meal planning, grocery shopping, etc. Teaching you that, YES, You CAN eat food from the grocery store. You CAN enjoy the foods you like; we just need to know HOW to eat!
I teach & work with you, helping you to overcome obsessive compulsive dieting. Since 1991, I have done my best to take the blood, sweat, tears, anguish, anger, bitterness, frustration & resentment out of wanting to live a Healthy, Well, Fit, Strong, Whole Life.
The Madness. The Battle of the Mind STOPS HERE!


I am on a Mission to take Health & Wellness along with Fitness & Nutrition to a NEW LEVEL.

With my Better Body Transformation Systems, It’s all about you! Your Needs + Your Wants = Your Results! We Are Better Together!


My Mission Statement: To Educate and Train people in Fitness & Weight Management ~ To enhance their lifestyle Physically ~
Emotionally and Spiritually.

I look forward to helping you to Live Well Now!
Let’s Grow Young Together!

Teri Thompson Katzenberger


The Master’s Club LLC

Fitness & Lifestyle Wellness Specialist 

Nutrition & Weight Management Educator

Personal Development Trainer
Functional Health Practitioner 
Life & Health Coach


605-338-9065 (office)

605-212-3797 (call/text) 

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