Individual Personalized Program with UNLIMITED coaching sessions


Aerobic & Cardio Program

This is the program area that will help set the standard for your individual, personalized program. Whether you are wanting just a casual warm up before your strength training, and /or if you are wanting to really start the fat burning process, we have the ability to personalize your Aerobic & Cardio Program to fit your needs.

  • Expresso Bikes (Interactive Recumbent Bike)

  • Nu Step Machines ("Sitting Stair Stepper" + Total Body Workout)

  • Seated Elliptical Trainers (Recumbent)

  • Standing Elliptical Trainers

Strength Training program

Our HUR Strength Training Program specializes in tailoring a strength program specific to each individuals body structure and physical ability.

Powered by Smart Card Technology, we take the frustration out of your work out program.

Stretching & Balance Program

This is the final step in completing your Personalized Program.

At The Master's Club, we specialize in developing our programs to specifically focus on improving your stamina, muscle strength, focus, balance, posture & endurance.

Learn how you can prevent the signs of aging. Live Well Now!