Stay Fit At Home! 

During this challenging "season" we are all in, Teri Katzenberger, Owner of The Master's Club
Fitness & Lifestyle Wellness, has created a brand new program;
Defy All Odds ~ Resilient Lifestyle Fitness for men & women of all ages.


Sickness. Illness. Disease. Knows NO Age. Does NOT Discriminate. 
Teri has dedicated her life, since 1991 to ongoing research, learning, classes, ongoing education etc.
She offers the highest level of ability and confidence to help men & women Defy All Odds of the aging. 


"We certainly age each year as we celebrate another birthday, however,
we do NOT have to grow old in the process" - Teri Katzenberger

Schedule your personal consultation to learn more about our brand new "In Home" Coaching Programs designed to improve the quality of your life! OR to learn how we can Personally Train you
in "Our House" - The Master's Club Fitness.

Personalized Programs with Special Pricing. Includes "Online & Offline" Coaching & Teaching.
Everything you need, to improve the quality & longevity of your life; At Home! 

Since 2000, she has specialized in helping men & women of ALL ages, to live a healthy, well, fit, strong,
whole life from the inside out. Teri has specialized in Resilient Aging Fitness since 2014.
She is dedicated to helping YOU to Stay Fit At Home!

Our Stay Fit At Home Programs, Online Exercise Classes, Personalized Fitness & Meal Planning App
are designed with the whole family in mind; as well as, specializing programs for men & women 50 & Beyond!


Do you want to eliminate certain medications, conditions & ailments?
Teri has helped 100's of men & women in her career improve & transform the quality & longevity of their life. Her passion & desire of her heart, is to help YOU grow young & healthier, from the inside out.
We encourage you to read her story on our About Us Page!


Do You Desire To: 
Eliminate medications?
Prevent the prescriptions for medications?
Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol?
Eliminate Joint Pain? Reduce Inflammation?
Reverse the signs of Diabetes?
Relieve the discomfort of arthritis? Prevent Arthritis?
Imrpove Osteopenia, Osteoarthritis, and Osteoporosis? 


Do You Need Help With:
Preparing for a surgery?
Recovering from an injury?
Recovering from a surgery?
Help getting stronger?
Improve Balance & Posture?
Improve Flexibility?
Increase Stamina & Endurance?
Improve Agility? 

Contact Me for YOUR Free Consultation! 
I would be honored to share the benefits of my programs with you and answer all questions you may have. Also, review our Testimony Page to hear from some of my prized Members.
References are available upon request also.


Let's Grow Young Together!
Teri Katzenberger
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