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When I joined The Masters Club in 2017 I was skeptical because I had been on that road before.
I told myself I would dedicate 3 months to fitness and nutrition and see what happens.

Well needless to say I was blown away by the results.


The Masters Club is a non-judgmental facility and I was at ease going to do my workout. Teri’s nutritional program gave me the tools I needed to lose a total of 70 lbs, in addition to, several medications!

The initial 15 days of the nutritional program gave me the motivation to continue with the program with such enthusiasm. The cardio and strength machines not only helped me to tone muscle but were easy to use because of the smart card technology. To this day I try to eat better and will continue doing my workouts and stretching of course!

I would recommend anyone to give Teri a call and see what she can do for you!




Hi Teri! It is Tessa 😊 

I just wanted to tell you I just LOVE getting your emails and info you provide. This one really made me giggle with the "I heard you cheat"! I really like your writing and your tips and advice is very realistic. You're awesome!

Thanks and hope all is well!





Two years ago, in the latter days of September, I came to the realization that I was not going to lose my turkey (25 pounds) by my own methods. In August of 2012, after a long and involved process, I quit smoking. Then I slowly but surely gained the aforementioned 25 pounds. My immediate efforts were effective in

maintaining but not losing the weight.

At that time, Teri Katzenberger, was the Manager of Welcyon. Their slogan was “fitness after fifty;” again, my exercising there, three times a week, was effective for maintenance but not for weight loss. Teri worked with me to begin a weight loss program. We started with the goal of my losing 15 pounds in three weeks. It worked!  With her dietary plan as well as the supplements we incorporated into that plan from her It Works!” program, along with her guidance and support, I lost my “turkey” and I am very glad to say that I am still without it.

         August 1, 2017, I joined Teri at her new club; The Master’s Club Fitness & Lifestyle Wellness. I continue to exercise 3 times per week and receive the guidance & support from Teri.


Anne McKnight


I have been a member of The Masters Club since the opening in August of 2017.

My exercise program includes the strength and cardio machines plus the stretching exercises.


Following Teri’s recommendations on diet and her coaching, I was able to lose 25 pounds over the past year. This allowed me to drop my waist size by over two inches. I could not be happier with my appearance especially around my midsection.


The weight loss also impacted my overall health. I am Type 2 Diabetic and on oral medication. My A1C test results showed a decrease of 0.4% which places me just above the maximum range to be considered diabetic. I have also discontinued taking a statin drug for cholesterol.


Teri’s advice, guidance and encouragement have helped me reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


David Q.


The reason why I work out at The Masters Fitness Club is because of how the program is a fit to my needs.

I have Multiple Sclerosis, over time the trainers worked with me with me on a specific program for my MS. I need a program that helps me stretch out and warm my muscles, the resistant equipment does that. The cardio equipment helps my body stay tuned up.

If you want to build additional muscle and push your cardio you can. If you find a level that gives you a good work out the staff helps you maintain that level.

It is a place where you can set your goals and receive help at your request. 

The Masters Fitness Club is relaxing, clean, has quality people on staff and is ready to help you stay fit and healthy.


Kent Johnson


I joined The Master's Club from day 1 and I haven't regretted a single day. Teri made sure that I had her full attention when I started so she could show the proper way to get the most out of every workout. The proper form on each piece of equipment and the reason behind doing it the way she is showing me for best results.


I also joined Teri's Live Well Now program and have lost a total of 35lbs and have been able to keep it off for over a year already. Teri's years of experience in health and fitness give her the necessary ammunition to keep you going and as she says "Let's grow young together!".


Ray Moet


I knew about 15 months ago I needed to find a good exercise club. It was getting hard to open up jar-covers. My feet seemed to be shuffling along rather than walking with a good gait.

Two friends told me how much they enjoyed the Masters Club. I thought it was worth investigating. Met Teri and she showed me the machines, explained her exercise philosophy, and answered all my questions with clarity and charity.

The Masters Club is spic and span clean.
The atmosphere relaxed.
The patrons are pleasant people.

You can work out to the tune of music from yesterday or watch something worthwhile on TV, should either be one's yen. The three key areas of aerobics, core muscle strength, and flexibility are able to be put into practice in wise ways.

I can now open that mayonnaise jar and as I draw close to 70 years old, I can keep up with the seventh and eighth graders, three and four year olds, and adults I still teach.

The workout machines are smartly designed and you can get a very good workout without feeling you need to be carried out on a stretcher. I drive forty-five miles (90 round trips) several times a week to keep my body fit for life and this club is designed with fantastic forethought.

Movement is medicine. Health is more important than wealth. This is a great investment and Teri provides a wonderful atmosphere.


Dr. Peter Kurowski, pastor, writer, theologian...and kid at heart.



Your newsletters and recipes are always an inspiration.  😊

Especially for those of us who are watching our sugar intake, and chose to control our border line diabetes with foods rather than toxic and expensive medicine.


Thank you!

Audra H.